Qualities of Cats to Fall in Love With

Qualities of Cats to Fall in Love With

You have seen cats on videos and posts. And you have seen your neighbor enjoy a day walking his pet car. Then, you wonder to yourself if you can also get a cat as a pet. You daydream of the time that you will have an Amsterdam city trip with your pet cat. Or the day that you go browsing online shops like Lazada and Zalora as your cat sits and sleeps on your lap. If you are still looking for reasons to get a cat as a pet, here are some of them:

Cuteness overload

If you are looking for a cute pet to have and to hold all day long, there is no place to search for other than in a shelter. There are a lot of cute pets out there and the cat may be the cutest that you will find. Cats of different breeds have varying colors and furs which make them fluffy and cute. It is the same as the color of the eyes. You will find various colors of eyes but generally, most of them have black, gray, or blue hues.

A funny companion

For those who are in search of a worthy companion, you may be looking in the wrong direction. Cats are great partners at home because they are very playful and fun to be with. You will tons of good laughs and enjoyment with your pet cat. You can spend the whole day with your cat as you play different kinds of games with your pet. A ball is a nice toy for them. Following the reflection of light will also create lots of fun videos about him. They can also be silly and goofy at the same time. You will see him climb a tree or even the top of the cabinet for no apparent reason.

Smart cat

Cats are one of the smartest animals in the world. You can teach cats a trick or two and they will instantly get it. That is unless they do not want what you are teaching them. Because they are critical thinkers, they can sometimes be stubborn which makes them more lovable.