Our genuine love for cats has motivated us to exert every effort that we can to help every cat that is roaming in the Netherlands and find a suitable home for every one of them. We are welcoming our website visitors to browse our website and see if they can find cats that they like. You can contact us if you have any questions about owning and caring for cats.

Finding a home for cats

Our cat shelter has housed more than a hundred thousand cats during the lifetime of the company. And we will not stop there. Our business is growing strong as we look for more cats that need rehoming. The cats that live in our shelter are composed of two types- the ones that are found in the streets of the Netherlands and the ones that are placed by their former owners. These latter ones were given to us because of various reasons. The true owner may either passed away, leaving the country or cannot take care of their pet anymore. Whatever the reason, we always accept them with the thought of giving the cat to a new owner.

Spay and Neuter Clinic

We shelter is not just composed of a home for the cats. We also have a clinic that cares for the maintenance and welfare of the cats as well as equipment and clinic for different sicknesses and conditions. We also offer the clinic for spaying and neutering of cats. If you own a cat and are looking for an affordable clinic to have your cat spayed or neutered, you can go to our contact page and ask for more details about the prices and our location.

Lost & Found Cats

We put a duration of the time of stay of the cats in our shelter before we open them for adoption. This is because some stray cats are owned by a person or family. These cats may have just went away from their home or Amsterdam city trip on their own and cannot find the way back. Usually, the owners would visit our office and try to look for the lost cat. We ask a list of information to the supposed owner to confirm whether or not he is the real owner of the cat.