About Us

We are a Cat Rescue Team. This is the website to go to if you want to support us in our endeavor to rescue our feline friends. Every cat needs a partner, a family to go to, and friend to be with for safekeeping and care. And we are doing our best efforts to help each stray cat find someone to be with.

Who we are

We have a team going all out in searching for stray cats in all of the Netherlands. While you are on your Amsterdam city trip or Amsterdam zoo tour, our team is doing their best to seek these cats and bring them to our cat shelter.

Our cat shelter is composed of a field with lots of places for cats to roam around in and work themselves out every day. We also have houses for them to stay in case of harsh climates like rain, snow, and other events. We want to take care of these pets as best as we can before we turn them over to a new family to live with.

Ever since we opened our cat shelter in 1998, we have been saving thousands of cats in all of the Netherlands as we look for people to care and nurture the growth and relationship that cats provide their owners.

Our team is composed of both full-time employees and volunteers who genuinely care for cats or even have pet cats of their own. Together, we help save cats and find for a worthy family to belong in.