Related Services

Whenever you think of a cat rescue company, you often think that we are just looking for cats and finding new homes for them. In reality, we do more than just give the cats their new families to bond and have a relationship with.

Development of Programs

We are currently working with the local government in developing better laws and regulations in owning and caring for a cat. We are also helping out in carving new guidelines for picking up stray cats in the streets. If you are on your Amsterdam city trip and you find some laws and instructions about caring for cats, we have a hand in that guide. We want to look out for both the welfare of the cats and the owners. We assist in developing animal rights laws as well as protecting the owners of the pets.

Volunteer program

We are opening our doors to people who truly love and care for animals particularly cats. We are asking our website visitors who want to give time and effort in caring for thousands of cats that are now in our shelter. Although we have a budget to acquire the services of full-time employees, we are still undermanned in terms of the ratio of individual to the cat. If you like caring for cats and you have time to go to our shelter, you are welcome to help us. If you think that you have other ways to assist u in finding owners for these cats, you can send us a message through our contact page.

Partnership program

We also build a relationship with the communities of cat shelters in the Netherlands. We help in the transfer and care of cats and also the adoption and care of them through our in-house clinic. Caring for cats is not just about money but it is rooted in the genuine care for our furry animal.